What we offer

Fabric Decoration

Fabric decoration is a very crucial element in the fashion industry. We train students and nurture them into professional fabric artists, with extensive knowledge and placement in relevant firms. Tie and Dye, Batik general printing are some of the fabric decoration techniques that we deal with.

Fashion Design

We offer fashion design classes to our students, at both certificate and diploma levels. We have partnered with first-class fashion houses, to ensure our students get the first-hand experience on the ground during work placements.

Apparel and Garment Making

We have advanced garment making technologies in place and train students in both technical and design aspects. We also offer trainings in contemporary garment making techniques like weaving and embroidery.

Fashion Shows and Beauty Workshops

Beauty and fashion models also have a place to train and network at Hamete Fabrics. We conduct fashion shows three times a year and several other fashion display events. All you need to partake of these workshops, beside basic education, is an appealing physical appearance and the confidence to show it to the world.


What we offer

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