Hamete Fabrics offers different scholarships to students at different levels, depending on the levels of need. We have partnerships with leading companies and organizations dealing with fashion and apparel, which also offer scholarship opportunities for talented students. Some of these opportunities include Fabric Décor Arts scholarship, Hamete Annual Scholarship award, and Hamete Casino Gamers scholarship. Any student can qualify for a scholarship, so long as you’ve obtained basic education, and you can prove worthy of the financial support. You can only prove this by excelling in the competitions that take place at different times of the year. These competitions include:

  • Hamete Fabric Decorator of the Year Award
  • Hamete Fashion Designer Competition
  • Contemporary Fashion Design Contest
  • Modern Garment Maker Contest
  • Traditional Garment and Apparel Creators Award
  • Batik Boss Award
  • Tie and Dye Gurus Award


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