Hamete Fabrics is a fashion academy based in the USA and dealing with a wide range of areas. The headquarter of the academy is in New York City, but it has several branches spread across the globe. Founded in the year 2000, the academy has risen ranks to become one of the best of a kind. It has survived hard times and even produced leading fashion designers and beauticians worldwide.

Hanna Hamete, the founder of the academy, has earned a name for herself due to her tremendous achievements in the industry. Born and raised in Washington, DC, she realized her love for fashion when still in Elementary school. Hanna came top of every fashion show that she participated in, all the way to High School. Endowed with both beauty and brains, she never left anything to chance, and always sought ways of self-improvement. Coming from a humble family, Hanna could not afford school fees and had to drop out in her second year of High School. She faced a lot of challenges because of her physical beauty as she struggled hard to secure funding for her education. She became a target for many hungry brothel owners, but sailed through the storms and resolved to use her beauty and brains for her good.

A well-wisher took her responsibility and saw her through High School, which she successfully cleared with flying colors. In 1990, she cleared High School, and was awarded a scholarship to join the Los Angeles School of Fashion and Design. Her dedication and competence made her soar higher, and she became an outstanding student in all spheres. After obtaining her degree in 1994, she got back to her Alma Mater as an instructor. That’s how her passion for tutoring students of fashion was born. Hanna taught for two years, before joining the Dubai Fashion and Garment School for her masters. After this, she proceeded to India Fashion School for a Ph.D. in Fabric Decoration. Her several years of training go hand in hand with the experience that she has gained since she got into the industry.

Apart from being named as the Fashion Designer of the year for three consecutive years from 2016, she has also scooped several other awards. Her academy has played a significant role in the evolution of fashion in the US and beyond. She has won both local and international titles and held offices in high bureaus as well. In 1990, Hanna decided that her thirst was greater than the factory. She decided to give back to society, and that’s how Hamete Fabrics came to being. Hanna took in students who could not afford to pay school fees or win scholarships into high fashion schools. Her strategy was to nurture the talents and encourage these students to raise their fees through their talents. She came up with several strategies for financially empowering these students and helping them to achieve their goals in life.

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